Dec 22, 2008

How to change your IP quickly

Here is a guide if you want to change your IP address easily. But remember that it changes your dynamic IP only, not the static IP. To do this,

Go to Start menu > run.
Type command and hit enter. A DOS window opens up.
Type "ipconfig /release" and hit enter
Type exit to close the window

Now go to control panel > Network Connections
Right click on Local Area Connection and click on properties.
Double click on the internet protocol (TCP/IP) from the general tab.
Type any random ip and press tab, then ok

Press ok again

Go back to the local area connections once again
Go back to the properties and double click the internet protocol (TCP/IP) from the generals tab once again.
This time, select the ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’ option
Hit ok

Hit ok again

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