Dec 22, 2008

Start your pc automatically on its own

You can automatically start your pc on its own to run a particular application. To do this go to control panel > scheduled tasks

Just drag and drop the shortcut of the application that you want to run automatically when your pc starts. Double click on this new task, select the settings tab and check the ‘wake the computer to run this task’ check box.

Click the schedule tab and specify the time when you want your pc to start automatically and run the task. Click ok. But first, you need to enable hibernation. Hibernate is a utility in windows xp that stores the current state in which you are working in the hard disk and turns off the pc. When you start your pc again, it does not boot up all over again but resumes your saved state directly. To enable this, you must have some free space on your hard disk. To enable hibernation, go to control panel > power options click the hibernate tab > check the enable hibernation checkbox and click ok.

To hibernate, go to start > shut down. Hold down the shift key and notice the standby button change to hibernate. Click it to hibernate. On the set time, your pc will start automatically and run the application specified by you.

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