Dec 22, 2008

Shutdown or restart pc in one click

Sometimes clicking on start menu, then clicking on shutdown button and then clicking on shutdown or restart button seems a long method to shutdown or restart your pc. If you want to create your own shutdown or restart you can do it this way:

Right click on desktop > click on new > click on shortcut

Type shutdown > hit enter
Hit enter again.

You have your new shutdown icon on the desktop ready to be double cliked!
If you want to set the time after which your pc shuts down and display some message you can do that by typing the shortcut name as ‘shutdown -s -t xx -c “message”
 Where xx represents the time in seconds after which your pc will shutdown. You can type any message such as “bye everyone” in place of “message”, but it should be enclosed in double quotes. 
e.g. shutdown -s -t 05 -c "bye everyone”

Similarly if you want to restart your pc you can type the name of shortcut as shutdown -r -t xx -c "message"

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